How to Build Confidence If You Have Low Self-Esteem

Here’s something you need to know: your social anxiety did not just magically manifest itself.  And while some scientists may suggest that it could be caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain, let’s simply look at the situation from a logical and basic perspective.

If you have trouble socializing with others, it’s likely that you feel ashamed about something.

Or embarrassed.

Or you don’t measure up enough to people.

Or you think you don’t do interesting things or live an exciting or unique life.

Whatever it is, it all traces back to low self-esteem.  Your lack of confidence, due to something that happened recently or something that dates all the way back to when you were a child, is preventing you from moving forward.

It’s preventing you from living, really.

But how do we get more self-esteem?  How do we gain more confidence?

There are many ways you can do this, but I’m just going to list a few of them here for you today.

Improve Your Style

The first thing is that you can improve yourself.  Buy some new clothes.  Change up your style.  Don’t change who you are, but change how you appear to others.

In sports, there’s a saying that goes like this:

Look good.  Feel good.  Play good.

That means that, in football for example, if you visually look good (you have nice uniforms, a very cool, appealing logo or helmet), you feel better.  And feeling better manifests itself into playing better.

And when you play better, you win games.

It sounds silly, but if you’re a sports fan, just take a look at recent history.  The Denver Broncos finally won Super Bowls when they changed their uniforms.

Look good.  Feel good.  Play good.

The Tampa Buccaneers went from an absolutely garbage franchise to fielding one of the most memorable defenses that helped win Super Bowl XXXVII.

Look good.  Feel good.  Play good.

Don’t change who you are.  But if you are battling shyness, or you get labeled as “quiet” way too often, consider that a way you can begin to get over your anxiety is by changing how you look.

Because that will change how you feel.

Shake Up Your Physical Appearance

Another thing you can do is change your body.  If you feel you’re too skinny, try researching healthy ways in which you can gain weight responsibly.  Or tone your body.  Or bulk up by adding more muscle.

If you think you’re overweight, try eating less food.  Then, start exercising—either by joining a gym or simply walking around the block of your home a couple times every night.

If you’re losing your hair, consider consulting your doctor to get hair treatments.  Buy a wig, get extensions, or purchase a toupee.  Wear a hat to conceal it (and be fashionable) or just shave off the remaining hair and rock the bald look like Michael Jordan did when he was dominating the NBA.

If you don’t like your teeth, save up money so you can have your dentist improve your smile.

Whatever your insecurity is, try and work to fit it.  But make an effort to make a change.

Get Out and Do Something

The last thing I would suggest you do is simply this: DO SOMETHING.  I don’t give a damn what it is, but DO SOMETHING.  Take the focus off yourself and off your anxious mind and put that worrying energy into something positive.

Donate money to a charity.

Visit a homeless shelter.

Enroll in a class that interests you.

Intern at a local company.

Volunteer at an animal hospital.

Whatever it is, whether it’s benefiting your future or someone else’s, just DO SOMETHING.

Too often, social anxiety makes us feel that we aren’t adequate enough.  Or that we don’t have anything to offer.  That we can’t possibly have any friends because who wants to be friends with a loser?

But you’re not a loser.  You feel that way because you think you’re not moving forward.  You feel that nothing has changed.  You feel like you’re not making any progress.

Well, go out there and make your own damn progress.  Make your own luck.  Go out and DO SOMETHING so that, the next time someone asks you “what’s new,” you have a legit, easy answer to give them.

Not something you have to think about.  Or make up.

Something that you’ve DONE.  You’ll feel great about having done it.  And the passion will come through.

And when you do that, you slowly begin to chip away at your low self-esteem.  You slowly start to build up your confidence level.

And, slowly but surely, you realize that you’re overcoming your fears.

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