75 Deep Instagram Captions About Life You’ll Love

Social media can make us fill us with anxiety or give us a lack of self worth.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  For many of us, we look for inspiration and fulfilling thoughts on social media quite often. 

Deep Instagram Captions That You'll Love!

In fact, it’s really not all that unusual for social media users to seek out deep Instagram captions in an effort to feel motivated or inspired to make big, meaningful changes in their lives. 

Maybe you already have a great photo for Instagram, and you’re just looking for some awesome captions to take your image to the next level.  Or, maybe you’re seeking out a bit of helpful advice or inspiration.  

Whatever it is, my hope is that the following captions, at the very least, brighten your day.

Deep and Meaningful Instagram Captions

1) If you have the right attitude about life, you can accomplish any goal you set.

2) Success is the loving pursuit of any dream.

3) Don’t be upset that you have problems—for the people with no problems are no longer living.

4) Obstacles don’t break you down.  They toughen you up. 

Deep and Meaningful Captions for Instagram

5) Don’t fret about making mistakes.  Worry instead that you never took enough chances.

6) If you know who you are, you will remain unbothered by what others say about you.

7) The polar opposite of success isn’t failure.  It’s conforming to society’s norms (hat tip to the great Earl Nightingale).

  • Editor’s Note: I absolutely love Earl Nightingale.  If you ever need a good round of motivation to push forward, or a little bit of guidance or life advice, I highly recommend you listen to his talk entitled The Strangest Secret.  If you go into it with an open mind, it can be life changing.

8) Your day will be better if you take some time to center yourself when you wake up.

9) You can always find reasons to dwell on the past.  But when you live in the present momentthe past becomes irrelevant.

10) If you feel like no one is in your corner, find better people to surround yourself with.

11) Repeat positive affirmations about yourself, preceded with the words “I am.”

12) If each of us commits to making the world better place, the world will become a better place.

13) Loneliness is temporary.  But regret can last a lifetime.

Loneliness Instagram Caption

14) When you’re feeling upset or fearful, zoom out and think, “Will I even care about this five years from now?”

15) All around the world, no matter the language or culture, we all share common stories. 

16) Don’t hate yourself, or other people.  We are all united by our humanity and love.

17) When you’re having a tough day, remember to breathe and focus on the present. The past and future can wait.

18) Music is the universal language we all speak. So if you’re feeling lonely, turn up the radio.

19) You don’t need to be “extraordinary” to have or serve a meaningful purpose.

20) Don’t stress about getting on the “right” life path.  Just pick a path and see where it goes.

21) We have two families in our lifetime—our blood family and our found family.

22) Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed, think about only what is immediately in front of you.

23) Search for happiness each and every day. It needs to be your consistent pursuit.

24) Not everyone is a Tony Stark, but the world only needs one Tony Stark. 

  • Editor’s Note: Who doesn’t love a little Marvel-related caption?

25) You are your own unique individual. Don’t let anyone dim your light. 

26) Your individuality is what separates you from the pack.  Never, ever conform. 

27) Everyone is born with the ability to be great, but it takes hard work to put that greatness into effect.

28) Worrying is a silly thing to do.  Don’t stress over what could happen.

29) Beauty follows pain. Just like a rainbow follows a stormy day.

30) Vulnerability is a beautiful thing that allows us to earnestly see ourselves.

31) Fill your days with things you want. There is always a way to surround yourself with joy. 

32) Don’t focus on negative thoughts and emotions. You’ll inevitably draw bad energy into your orbit.

33) When someone frustrates you, don’t get angry.  Get curious.

34) Always ask questions. Questions are how we grow, learn, develop.

35) You will be infinitely stronger and more capable if you take time to develop yourself and provide yourself with self care.

36) Success comes from within and is supported by the outside world. 

37) Don’t be afraid to ask for help and support to achieve your goals. 

38) What is something small you can do for yourself each day? Your future self will thank you. 

39) We have the power to transform your own life.

40) Imprint positive affirmations and goals onto your subconscious mind in order to make your dreams come true.

41) Don’t ever quit.  The universe doesn’t reward quitters.

42) When you become close-minded, you begin the process of mental decay.

43) Be open to new possibilities and relationships.  You never know where they are going to take you. 

44) You don’t need to have all the answers.  You just need to be willing to ask the right questions. 

45) If you learn one new thing every single day, you’ll never find life boring.

46) Every single day feels like a brand new day to a wise human being.

47) Don’t compare yourself to others. You’re too unique.

48) You are responsible for your own healing but that doesn’t mean you are alone. 

49) When in doubt, never be afraid to ask for help.

50) Trust your instincts. They will guide you when you feel lost. 

51) Sometimes it’s better to trust your gut rather than your heart or mind.

52) There’s light and dark in all of us. The most important thing we can do is learn how to manage every side of us. 

53) When someone hurts your feelings, your whole body hurts, not just your heart.  Always take time to heal.

54) Check in on your friends, you never know what someone is going through. 

55) When you’re not sure what to do, give yourself the grace to move slowly and figure it out. You’ll find the answer. 

56) Sometimes the truth is staring you right in the face.  You just have to open your eyes and see it.

57) We are social creatures.  Don’t live a life of solitude due to anxiety.

  • Editor’s Note: If you’re planning on posting an IG post or photo that deals with mental health, this could be an uplifting caption.

58) Never take yourself too seriously.  An unchecked ego makes for a dangerous person.

59) Never judge someone before truly getting to know them.

60) The grass is not always greener on the other side.  You just aren’t close enough to see the brown spots. 

61) When you aren’t sure what to do, remember it is okay to pause. The world can wait for you to catch your breath. 

62) It is our responsibility to care about our planet and become better stewards than our parents and grandparents. 

  • Editor’s Note: This would be a great caption to post to IG for Earth Day.

63) Getting a degree is not the only way to lead a successful life. Find your passion and build your own path. 

64) Grow your community and watch the ripple effects you create. When we lead with love and understanding, the world is transformed. 

65) Try something new once a month. Our world becomes so much more vibrant when we expand our comfort zone. 

66) The wisest people spend their whole life learning and continuing their education. Learning has no bounds. 

67) Finding your passion is sometimes a slow process. Not every passion is discovered overnight. 

68) You only fail If you stop trying.  Until then, you’re just learning and growing.

69) Surround yourself with people who build you up, not tear you down.

70) Just because you become an adult doesn’t mean you have to let go of your inner child.

71) Conflict does not have to be scary.  Within conflict, we can find resolution and understanding. 

72) It takes 66 days to form a habit, but if you start today, you are one day closer to your goal. 

73) When you’re dealing with self doubt, think about what you’d say to a friend who was struggling.  Then take your own advice. 

74) There are opportunities all around us. So boldly take as many chances as you can.

75) The cure for rampant judgement of others is possessing empathy for our fellow man and woman.


We all are seeking inspiration.  We all want to be motivated.  

And, for many of us, we often use social media platforms like Instagram to connect with others, with the hope of receiving positive vibes and fostering new, promising relationships.  

Hopefully, you can find a few helpful gems on this long list of deep Instagram captions that you can share with your friends and family  Maybe they will trigger you to create some awesome captions for your Instagram photos.  

And, maybe just maybe, your inspiring IG post will motivate someone else to take action in their life, pushing them forward on their journey to becoming a better person.


The internet is of course a great resource.  There are so many avenues, from social media to meet up groups to various sports and hobbies.  And, of course, you can join the Socially Scared Facebook group too!

Become a more curious person.  Read more books.  Listen to more podcasts.  Learn to open your mind to new possibilities, locations and people.  The more you interact with the world, the more meaning you’ll find in it.