Who Am I?

My name is Michael, and I created this site to help you change your life.  This site exists to transform your mindset from negative to positive, and get you on the path towards a happier, more satisfying life.

I know first hand that making this kind of change isn’t easy.  Growing up as an only child who had a good heart but was quite introverted, I also suffered from social anxiety due to physical insecurities.

Despite growing older, self-doubt often crept into my mind.

Too self-conscious of what others thought or unwilling to take risks to grow as a person, I turned inward.  I believed that my inability to connect with other people was because I just couldn’t relate to them.  Or I was too different or unique.  Or that my few inadequacies negated all of my positive attributes.

Several disappointing social experiences made the problem worse, causing me to turn down future opportunities that would get me out of my comfort zone and meet new people.  And as the months and years rolled on, things changed.  People changed.  Life changed.

But one thing remained constant: my social circle was virtually non-existent.

But worse than that was my mindset.  I resigned myself to the belief that my life couldn’t be changed.

The Truth

Here’s the honest truth: this website is not about becoming famous.  It’s not about becoming so utterly charming that you have a smartphone full of 1,000 different contacts.

This site is not about turning you into Rico Suave.

It is, however, about changing your attitude.  It’s about inspiring a revolution inside you, and then using that inspiration to actually MAKE change.

It’s about moving outside of your comfort zone in order to grow as a human being.

It’s about being willing to take a couple risks so that you can reap the countless rewards.

It’s about expanding your horizons of what you think is possible so that you can meet new people, form new personal and professional relationships, enjoy the camaraderie of your peers, make a new best friend, or even have the confidence pursue other ambitions–be it a new career or an entirely new life chapter.

Socially Scared was created to spark you into action.  To show you the steps necessary to make the change you may have always wanted but never thought was possible.